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LIBRA Asset Advisors

Investing for a sustainable future

Asset Management

We provide you with a comprehensive offering covering all asset classes, investment themes & styles and sectors. With our open architecture platform we identify investment opportunities and design an investment program to achieve the wealth creation you desire within your risk appetite.

We work closely with you to establish your long term and short term investment goals that match your risk appetite. We arrange and negotiate with the appropriate counterparties for services such as custody arrangements and credit solutions to further your investment returns.
Our offering includes:
  • Investment into Market Instruments
  • Option, Futures and Derivatives
  • Commodities Trading
  • Monetization of Equities
  • Estate Planning
  • Portfolio Management services
  • Stock Recommendation
  • Forex Trading
  • SIP / Mutual Funds

What we do

Libra Asset Advisors focuses on investment management in India with risk and profit balanced advicefor its partners.

Libra Asset Advisors is led by investment professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in Indian financial markets. Fundamental research and value investing form the core of Libra Asset Advisors investment management strategy.


Tailored solutions

One size dosent fit all

By being independent, we are in the unique position of selecting the best service providers for you while offering flexible and tailor-made solutions best suited to your needs.Client Centric approach

Clien Centric approach

Client Centric approach

Each of us is unique

We endeavour to serve your best interests. Instead of being transaction driven and focused on products, we adopt a client-based, service led approach of tailoring advice to suit your needs. This ensures that our advice and services are aligned with your requirements.


Evolving strategies

Change is only permenant

Our team of advisors work together to provide solutions to meet your investment needs and guide you through your financial life cycle. Each team member brings technical know-how, judgment, innovation, spirit of entrepreneurship and diversity of thought and experience to support your investment decisions.

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